DNN 7 Rotating Banner tutorial

This is what I did to configure the rotating banner in DNN 7.
(Remember to double click on any image you cannot see clearly)

1 – Log in as host.
2 – Create a new page.

DNN7 Rotator pic 1

3 – Save it.
4 – Add an HTML module to this new page.

DNN7 Rotator pic 2

5 – Click the edit pencil icon. You will see this page.

DNN7 Rotator pic 3

6 – NOW, HERE IS THE TRICK. Look at the bottom of the editor. Click on the GREYED out HTML tab to the right of the Design tab.
7 – Inside the HTML pane, add your rotator code.DNN7 Rotator pic 4

8 – Click save.
9 – Click the gear icon and click settings.
10 – Under Page Settings, use the Host Aphelia – Banner container (for DNN 7, this is where the jquery is that will run the HTML code above).

DNN7 Rotator pic 5
DNN7 Rotator pic 6
This is the jquery – it resides in _default/Containers/Aphelia/Banner.ascx
(the actual script is located here – “~/Resources/Shared/Scripts/slides.min.jquery.js” )

DNN7 Rotator pic 7

11 – To get rid of the “Admin only” stuff go to the Page Permissions, select all users.

DNN7 Rotator pic 8

DNN7 Rotator pic 9

That should do it!

Hope this helps someone.


2 Responses to “DNN 7 Rotating Banner tutorial”

  1. Jeofrey Ditsela Says:

    It worked like a magic, thanks so much

  2. Ryan Gates Says:

    It worked great for me! Thanks!

    I’m pretty new to DNN and was able to figure it out most of the way on my own by copying the HTML from the mock up home page with the installation of DNN and then replaced the links for the images to ones that I had photo-shopped and sized just right to fit the slide show container that DNN used… but it wouldn’t play! I was frustrated and deleted my module.

    Then, looking for tips on how to use the banner module and program it…I found this post of yours in my Google search results…you don’t use the banner module…you just used HTML like I had tried…but you had the secret ingredient I needed…you knew to change the container in page settings to use the jquery script….I needed that! Thanks so much!

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